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Here’s the bit about why we exist:

In the days before Skiller Whale, tech team learning was mostly treated as a self-serve perk, like office biscuits. This didn’t cut it for our founders.

Skiller Whale was created to be something very different:

Learning that is core to how an engineering team operates, not a fringe add-on or an after-thought.
Learning that aligns with business priorities and changes what the team is capable of.
And we’re called Skiller Whale because … well, our love of puns knows no bounds.
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The Team:

Hywel (Co-FOUNDER)

Hywel has led a wide range of dev teams for the past decade (including two VC-backed start-ups), and is published curriculum author. He wrote his first program in C aged 9, and is currently building an 8-bit computer. He also plays saxophone for a funk band.


Dave has managed data science teams and projects since 2012, for the Ferrari F1 team, and edtech startup, BridgeU. When he's not indulging a lifelong obsession with jazz piano, he's also learning how to raise a small human.


Hayley has been the first commercial/marketing lead for 2 edtech start-ups, after running her own professional training company for 7 years. In her spare time, she's currently teaching herself pottery, oil painting and maths.


Neill has been designing and building software for almost 20 years, and has written a university course in web application development. Based in Chamonix, he’s most likely to be found up a mountain on a bicycle or snowboard, but when he’s not, he’s learning how to rebuild parts of his house.


Fred has led tech teams for 15 years, including as ‘Chief Wizard’ (!) at Texperts, and CTO at Dressipi. An open source contributor, Fred was named ‘Ruby Hero’ in 2012. When he isn't running half marathons, Fred enjoys wind turbines and hanging out with his cat, Luna.


Born in Austria, raised in New Zealand, educated in London and Boston, Lea eventually settled in Mexico. Having participated in hackathons for companies like Lego, Hubspot and Nestle, she built the commercial operation of a travel-tech startup. In her spare time, Lea loves spinning classes, running, and tacos.


After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, Urvashi worked as software engineer for HackerRank. An avid contributor to Open Source in the Wikimedia Foundation and the Processing Foundation, Urvashi currently spends her free time learning Korean, creating artwork and caring for her indoor plants.


Heather began her career as a chemistry teacher, and moved into software engineering in 2018 with the help of the lovely folks at Makers Academy. In her spare time, she is creating her own garden paradise and loves reading about theology.


Henry took an unusual journey into tech - a philosophy teacher at Oxford, he began researching digital humanities and developing online software for teaching coding. He then moved into freelancing as a developer. In Skiller Whale, he's finally able to combine his love of teaching with coding. Despite living in Barcelona, Henry contends that he is and always will be a Londoner.

What’s Important to Us (And What’s Not):

We strive to be intelligent, playful learners, like our Orca, Ada (yes, we love a Lovelace reference).

These principles define who we are, not only as a company providing a product, but also as a group of people working together.

Our culture:

We believe that diversity makes us stronger and are dedicated to building a company that represents society as a whole. We value marginalised people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort.
We value honest and open communication, and we believe that in order to foster an environment that enables this, it’s important that our team feel included, recognised and like they can bring their full selves to work.

The Team:

Careers at Skiller Whale:

We're dedicated to building a diverse company that represents society, and we believe that diversity makes us stronger. It's also important to us that our team can bring their full selves to work, and be included and recognised.
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