Unleash the full potential of your team


Each member of your team only joins the modules they require, saving their time and your money.


Our trainers are experts in the languages they teach and use challenging exercises that they explain and answer questions on during the session.

Easy to access

Training is scheduled in 1-hour blocks, linked directly in your team’s calendars so they join it like a remote meeting.

Step 1: Detailed Skill Assessment

Each team member is assessed so we can understand where there are skill gaps.

Our assessment identifies which 1-hour sessions each person would benefit from. Each session focuses on a discrete language feature, all of which are mapped onto 8 skill categories to help you visualise the teams’ strengths and weaknesses.  
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Skiller Whale focused on individual needs to bring the whole team up to the same level
- Seb, Lead Frontend Engineer

Step 2: Individual Training Plans

Based on the results of the assessment, we then create training plans tailored to each member of your team.

This means we don’t waste a minute of training time on things your team already knows, and we target the skill gaps that you care about.
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Step 3: Join live, remote

Simply clicking a link in their calendar takes learners to their session, where they interact with an expert who gives them live feedback on their code.
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