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We develop developers with live, expert-led 1-hour group sessions tailored to their needs.
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It's learning, but not as you know it:

We won’t give you video lectures on Skiller Whale. But we will enable your team to write better code.

We do that with:

Personalised learning plans
Challenging code exercises
Real-time feedback from a language expert
...all in the time it takes to have lunch.

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We change what your team are capable of:

Why choose us:

Any individual element of our approach can be found elsewhere, but Skiller Whale is unique in bringing them all together. This means that learners not only benefit from an expert's experience, but they can immediately put into practice what they're learning, learn from their peers, learn from their mistakes, and receive feedback - all in real time.
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Our modules are hands-on, live with an expert and so packed full of 'aha' moments, you'll see impact on your production code from just one session.
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